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It covers a variety of topics, ever-growing. Cycling, Computing, photography, and life.

Mostly cycling. I really need to start another blog about computing.

I've got a few groupings of content: professional UNIX, Perl and networking; teaching materials from when I was a computer science professor; my photography; and random stuff

Fixing the shadow

Photos by Dana Hudes Travel, landscapes, family, nature and whatever else I turn my lens on. Now updated frequently as I work through my backlog.

Against the "I, Robot" movie

I'm a big fan of Science Fiction. I read a lot and have for most of my life. Among the highlights of SF literature is the work of Isaac Asimov. A few years ago his story "The Bicentennial Man" was adapted to the big screen with Robin Williams in the lead and it was pretty well done. When I saw the teaser for the new movie "I, Robot" I was very excited and planned to go. Now that I have seen the trailer I am revolted and urge all and sundry to boycott this utter bastardization of some of the best SF stories written.

I have read and signed the online petition:
Change the title of the upcoming film “I, Robot”
I personally agree with what this petition says, and I think you might agree, too. If you can spare a moment, please take a look and sign the petition. (2/10/05 Yes, I know -- the movie is not only out, its out on DVD but please boycott the DVD -- do not even rent it or borrow it from the public library, and sign the petition anyway to put your protest on record).


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Please exchange links with me. This is a manual process. I'm looking primarily for text, rather than banner (I don't have a banner), links and from either photography sites or computing sites or anyone related to me personally. Also any of my interests. Other sites are welcome to propose links and we'll take it on a case by case basis. Send me an e-mail with your proposed link.