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Welcome. The current version of Net::Whois is undergoing some fixes and improvements. At this time, however, only domain records conforming to the format of Network Solutions Inc. will parse properly. Others may work partially. Due to the massive balkanization of the registry system and lack of a standard, it is an overwhelming task for a part-time volunteer to deal with every registry for .com/.net/.org . Rather, it is of interest to add support for the ccTLD. Starting with .uk and if that syntax is matched by other ccTLD well and good.

The next release coming up will be a bug fix only -- to assure 63 character domain names work, support people like with funky country names that are not ISO conformant (ENGLAND vs. UK), and hopefully to support breaking up address information into the fields needed for a doman transfer/update template. If you want support for eNom et al, two possibilities: fund it, or get them to fix their syntax.


A new modularized version has been written in conjunction with an undergraduate research student of mine. There is only support for Network Solutions but a framework has been built to allow others to add other registries and hopefully to allow other types of lookups (specifically IP address). Unfortunately I'm busy with other projects and haven't had time to package it up: documentation needs significant work; there are no tests and no Makefile.PL or other trappings of a proper release.

If you would like to see this move forward, send a donation of any amount. Paypal is recommended but anything works (E-gold, checks in the mail, etc.). If you use Net::Whois in your firm consider supporting development.

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