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The Art of Fixing the Shadow

Photography by Dana Hudes

Welcome to my Web Gallery.

Its all about the light and shadow. Even color photographs depend on light and shadow. Shadow detail is a crucial aspect of many photos, the difference between a featureless pool of black and some range of tones leading ultimately to black.

My interest in photography goes back quite a few years. When I was eight years old living in Queens NYC, my late father and I used to take pictures on our Sunday outings together. When we moved to the suburbs, my father built a darkroom in our new house and I spent many teen hours in the dark making black and white prints. Since 1989 I have been involved in digital imaging. Now of course, everyone has a darkroom on their desktop as I described in my 1993 BYTE review of Aldus Photostyler.

Please enjoy the images but do not redistribute or reproduce them in print or any other form. This site is free, subsidized by advertising. Print sales would be nice.


12/2/2006 I've been a SCUBA diver since 2000. I of course grew up watching "The Undersea World of Jacques Costeau" and now I, too, am able to go out and explore though I don't have a personal dive boat (much less one the size/sophistiction of Calypso :-) ). Having grown more adept at the diving end of things, I have added underwater photography to my activities beneath the waves by buying a SeaLife DC500 undwrwater digital camera. I took a tutorial in UW photography from a master SCUBA photographer and here are the first set of pictures from the course. I'll be following up with more and the pictures from the trip to the Turks and Caicos.

The Gates in Central Park

12/4/2006 Yes, its been two years since Christo did his thing but I fianlly found and posted my photos.

Pictures from the Lincoln Square Synagogue End of Year BBQ

Who says you have to be in suburbia to have a bbq? This set of candid scenes from shows a number of my fellow LSS members and friends cooking up and eating burgers hot dogs and some chicken too. Nothing quite like meat broiled over coals and the antics my fellow men go through to get coals from charcoal not to mention sufficient quantity of hot enough coals to cook food in under an eternity.

Pictures from the big rally 4/15/02 in Washington D.C.

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